So much to do in Split

Ellure Luxury Suites is so perfectly located that you can enjoy a leisurely walk and take in the incredible sites. A brief stroll, bike ride or drive will lead you to pristine beaches, ancient sites, charming cafes, exquisite restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Minutes away is Zenta Marina and Split tennis Club. Enjoy a sun filled day in Split, often referred to as the “Jewel of the Adriatic”. Split Croatia is a place everyone should visit and you are welcome to stay with us at Ellure Luxury Suites.

Diocleatian’s Palace

Diocleatian’s Palace is a 4th Century Palace that graces Splits city core. Step back in time as you walk through the quaint Roman cobble stone roads in awe of the history and beauty of this landmark.

Pjaca Square

Pjaca Square is a breathtaking hall that looks over an outdoor area with marble tiles lined with cafes and humming activity. You can sip a refreshing drink under the shade or enjoy a latte in one of the many seating areas. You will be in the awe the architecture, renaissance and all-encompassing grace of the Fruit Square where the local market was held for many centuries during the Venetian era.


The palm- lined ocean front of Riva which runs the length of Old Town has numerous local cafes, bars and restaurants serving local fresh cuisine, live music and street performances daily.

St Duje’s Cathedral

St Duje’s Cathedral started out as a Diocletian Mausoleum built in 305, and was later converted to a Christian Cathedral in the 7th century and has remained untouched. It is in close proximity to Campanile which is a bell tower nearly six stores high. Split bus tours often visit these locations as part of the Game of Thrones tour which takes you through many facilitated areas that were resourced to film the award-winning television show.

Bačvice Beach

If you want to sit back and absorb the incredible serenity and feel the soft powdery sand between your toes and swim in the soothing cool waters of the Adriatic Sea Bačvice Beach is the place to go

Marjan Hill

Get your selfie stick ready it’s the best panoramic view of the city, islands, mountains and sea, as far as the eye can see. Marjan is 178 m tall, it is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and completely surrounded by the city and the sea, making it a unique sight. Originally used as a park by the citizens as early as the 3rd century, it is a favorite weekend excursion destination and a recreational center for the city. It is also the setting for numerous beaches and jogging trails as well as tennis courts all surrounded by the scenic forest. The tip of the peninsula houses the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries

Grgur Ninski Statue

Sculpted by Ivan Meštrović this monumental larger than life sculpture is one the defining images of Split Croatia. This mammoth statue of the 10th century Croatian bishop sits outside the Golden Gate of the Diocletian’s Palace. He was responsible for fighting for the right of using original Croatian liturgy services as opposed to the overly adopted Latin services. It is said that if you rub his polished gold toe you will be sure to be blessed with good luck and find yourself in Split again.

Ivan Meštrović Gallery

If it isn’t enough to find yourself emerged in absolute beauty of this intoxicating place there is the Ivan Meštrović Gallery to visit. Croatia’s most highly acclaimed and noted artists is responsible for 200 sculptures alone not including the many sketches, architectural designs and furniture.

Ivan Meštrović is also the sculptor of the famous Grgur Ninski statute of the Croatian Bishop. The museum that houses this collection was actually designed by Ivan Meštrović himself as a home originally and was made into a gallery of his work in 1938, Outdoor gardens and sculptors grace this beautiful location it is a must see and wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Split.

Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments

If it’s history that you are interested in or seeing some of the artifacts from places that you visit such as Salona listed above. The Archaeological Monument Museum will satisfy any history buff. A collection of many of the landmarks are now at home at the museum. In excess of 20,000 pieces to date.

Jewelry, weapons and armor from medieval times are housed in this beautiful facility. Extremely valuable pieces of the Croatian culture have been preserved here, from Kings carvings and stone inscriptions to relics from nobility and clergy from the late 700’s to 1100’s can be found here.


Visit an amphitheater in Salona that held approximately 18,000 people at one time built at the end of the 3rd century. A quick bus ride from the city center of Split to see one of the Roman Empires most formidable cities in the Balkans. It was estimated that at its thriving bustling peak 60,000 people lived here. Many of the ancient treasures found in Salona are on display in Split’s Archaeological Museum

Krka National Park

Planning a day trip Krka National Park is a must on your list of adventures in Spilt. It is an hour from Split. Named after the river that the park follows the Krka River is just over 140 square km and includes almost two thirds of the river. It is home to a large natural pool that is graced by the travertine waterfalls that empty as cascades of pure pristine water.

In this area there are a total of 17 waterfalls the tallest of them reaching almost 164’ in height. It is typical to find yourself having a difficult time leaving this incredible natural masterpiece. Bring a swimsuit or swimming trunks as you will definitely want to take a dip in this paradise surrounded with rich lush shrubs back lit by the sunlight.